Alexandra Landers
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A highly stylized version of me.

A highly stylized version of me.


Alexandra Landers

I believe in stories. Let's start with mine:

I began studying art in 2005 at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received my BA in film studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009. In an effort to bolster my artistic and critical studies with practical experience, I ventured to The Film School at Florida State University, where I learned to work on a film set. I worked every job from director, to production designer, to special FX makeup artist. I eventually settled on screenwriting and playwriting as my specialty, and graduated with an MFA in writing for the stage and screen in 2011.

Ever since, it's been a balance of day jobs and freelance creative work. I've written copy for ad agencies, worked with private clients to create a social media presence, and illustrated for blogs and lifestyle companies. And yeah, I've waited a table or two. But I never cease to work on my own projects— workshopping a play, finishing a feature length horror screenplay, creating a series of large scale paintings about women and monsters. If it requires a little imagination, I want to do it.

My creative approach— no matter the medium —is to do whatever's necessary to tell the best story. For me, that's always required an interdisciplinary perspective.  Whether you're a brand, blogger, personality, or simply want to know what art to put on your walls, I've got you covered.


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